Good Night, Day is minimalist of sustainable design. Approachable knitting patterns . Soley run.

Kingston sweater in merino wool (w/ optional fringe detail)

$250.00 CAD - $420.00 CAD
— Sold out

Kingston sweater w/ optional fringe

+ hand knit raglan seamless sweater, w/ a distinctive modern fit, soft & non-itch to the skin, thick & thin hand spun Merino fair trade wool
+ Merino fair trade wool sourced from Uruguay
+ available in natural
+ hand wash in tepid water, lay flat to dry

sustainable hand knit items handcrafted in limited batches, personally hand made in Canada, fair trade carefully sourced wools from Uruguay & Peru

photos Arden Wray
models Airin McGuinty & Brooke Manning
additional clothing Lauren Winter
black hat Brookes Boswell